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Gene Ho was born in Brooklyn and raised in Kings Park, New York. He spoke Chinese as his first language and learned a great appreciation and love for America. At 18, Gene relocated to Myrtle Beach, SC where he resides today.

He began his career as a freelance writer for a local newspaper before taking on photography. At age 23, he started his business as a professional photographer. During this time, Gene grew his photography studio nationwide. His staff photographed weddings "coast to coast" and internationally. He is a requested speaker and has given photography seminars to thousands of professional photographers from Las Vegas to New York.

He has also photographed some of the nation's top celebrities in politics, sports and the arts. Gene is the father of four unique and amazing young people. In a promise to God, Gene pledged to support a charity involving children.

He chose Victory Junction. To this day, Gene has been a loud and faithful advocate of this charity. His Public Service Announcement for Victory Junction has appeared nationwide.