From the campaign that continues to captivate the world …

The most common question I received during and after my time on the 2015-16
presidential campaign trail is: “What is Trump really like?”

Here I share with you my experience with him; the good, the bad and the (sometimes) comical.

I was there, as his photographer, to document;
A silent witness from the sidelines.
View rare, never-before-seen photos, as well as the iconic images that
helped define one of the most watched turning points in American history.

In this book, I cover twelve individuals from Bible history.
Their stories were merged with threads of the principles I witnessed at work on the campaign trail.

These are the stories you didn’t hear;
Stories about strength, cunning and compassion.

Take a spiritual adventure while uncovering the truths that fueled greatness and victory,
and be inspired to implement them yourself.

These are the principles that powered Donald J. Trump to become …

The President of the United States of America.